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  1. Boris Vassilev
    Boris Vassilev Xjrider92117
    Hello, are you still selling that Seca front cowl/fairing?
  2. TheSterling1201
    How do I include pictures
    1. XJ550H
      go into test zone forum. there are basic instructions for making threads and you can pratice i started thei thread in test zone go there for info . how to post and add photos
      Sep 13, 2020
  3. TheSterling1201
    Changed my maxim into bobber with seca tank
  4. JCH
    JCH waldreps
    Hello,i was reading your old post on your carb tuning with the color tune and it hit home with my issues i'm having, i'm in the middle of removing my carbs now for the third time for basically the same sort of issues,can't get it to turn orange,just stays blue.Did you ever get your issues resolved ?
  5. Alexander DeCamp
    Alexander DeCamp bigfitz52
    Howdy! Wanted to see if you could help. I just replaced the clutch plates on my 1982 xj650 and adjusted the clutch to where it should fully disengage but it seems to be slipping. I even loosened the clutch adjustment so there was a bit of slack and it was even lurching forward with the clutch in so I know it wasn't the adjustment of the cable or arm. Still slipping and not sure what to do. If you can help thank!!!
  6. Yusnel Ordonez
    Yusnel Ordonez cjbratvold
    Hey bro, do you wanna sell this bike _?????
  7. hogfiddles
    I still have mine
  8. Spur_holder
    Spur_holder XJRider
    Getting ready to do an engine removal, any tips and how should I do it
    1. XJ550H
      remove any parts you are going to change or work on before you remove engine, alternator rotor, clutch basket. oil filter off before you remove motor. some pull it out onto a milk crate others lay bike down on side. mostly get some help to lift and turn it out
      Aug 28, 2020
  9. JCH
    JCH hogfiddles
    Dave,I finally got the Carbs back on the bike and it is running much better now,i found one float that was intermittently leaking so i replaced all four needles and seats and wet sync the float levels more times then i can count.
    Thank you for your help.
    1. hogfiddles likes this.
  10. hogfiddles
    Rich! Nice to see you here! Also, check your inbox
  11. Richard DeZago
    Richard DeZago admin
    Unable to post. It says it may be because I'm posting spam. I am not posting spam. Have XJ900 Seca and I'm looking for information and parts help.
  12. Nooten232
    Nooten232 bigfitz52
    Hey there, need some serious help!! My #3 float bowl starter jet is completely..and I mean completely clogged!! Soaked for 2 weeks and still clogged! What can I do?? Please help me, and thanks in advance for your time.
  13. Preacher
    semi-retired but still do the climbing in my small part time tree service
  14. JCH
    JCH hogfiddles
    Okay...thank you for you input Dave. It will be a couple of months before i get the bike back together.
  15. hogfiddles
    Could be... and sediment indicates either bad filter, dirty or rusty tank—- which means if it’s in the bowls, it’s in the carbs too
  16. JCH
    JCH hogfiddles
    So i took apart the carbs and the only thin that stuck out so far after a primarily inspection is during draining of the float bowls i noticed that one carb had about 2.5 oz of fuel and the others had 1-1.5 oz and noticed some black stuff in the bottom of the bowls not a whole lot.Do you think the uneven balance in the bowls would be a factor for my issue ?
  17. hogfiddles
    Well you have to figure out if you’re bogging due to drowning, or starving
  18. JCH
    JCH hogfiddles
    Would they cause my symptoms of bogging off idle ?
  19. hogfiddles
    I can usually see it ..... the arent smooth anymore— they start to get a ‘velvety’ look, and then a ‘sandpapery’ look, then onto ‘bad’
  20. JCH
    JCH hogfiddles
    Dave,if the carb jets are etched ? you can't see that can you ? how can you tell ? doesn't that just make the mixture more rich ?