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    Hi There SnoSheriff, I seen you have a sale on 1981 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim Clutch Basket, do you have any more ? mine is 1983, pretty sure all the xj550's are all the same. I really only need bushings, but apparently they don't exist.
  2. Aaron Filmer
    Aaron Filmer Ted
    Hey Ted are you still around ? I have a question about tour post using the Yamaha virago bar clamps on the stock 82 xj750 top triple tree plate. I wanted to know how it worked out for you? As I have been questioned by other members on the forum and being told that it will not work
  3. Circumpunk.t
    Circumpunk.t Cafe-XV750
    Hi I was wondering if you were still selling your rear to front wheel conversion kit? If so I'd be interested in purchasing one from you.
  4. robvoisea
    robvoisea bigfitz52
    Biggie-sorry to bug you - I have a 1981 X550 Seca -replaced shims according to factory specs and at 6000 rpm there is a clacking sound (sorry, can't describe any better), what am I missing? I really like this bike but this frustrates the living daylights out if me.
    Thank you for any guidance.
  5. Aaron Filmer
    Aaron Filmer 750MaximSeattle
    How much would the 650 gauge cluster be shipped to 12175? Thank you
  6. Britmotohead
    Britmotohead hogfiddles
    I have 2 XJ900RK bikes. One restored and another in process. Do you want their numbers for your database?
    I restored the first one in 2007 and sold it after finally getting the prime circuit cleared out. I just bought it back and I am having a little trouble getting the carbs to idle down properly. They are really close, just not quite right...
  7. rocketrodney1234
    rocketrodney1234 Alive
    I have same bike. even same colour. my question is does your bike use the black rubber plugs over the top of the pilot jet hoes (found in the fuel bowls of the Mikuni carburetors.) Some people on YouTube say they should be used or the bike will run too rich. But I think only Suzuki XS100 etc use them.
  8. Mark Wyzgala
    Mark Wyzgala Rooster53
    Rooster53, This is Mark Wyzgala and I've just posted a write-up of my 1982 Seca 750 Woes on the XJ technical Chat forum under "1982 Yamaha Seca 750 Loping Idle" Len Chacal told me to contact you and ask you to read the tale of woe and see if you have any ideas. Thanks Mark
  9. fiduccian
    fiduccian hogfiddles
    Hi hogfiddles, I was told you are very good at rebuilding carbs. Can you inbox me? I have an xj700x I am having an issue with getting them to work properly.
  10. John Roberts
    John Roberts Stumplifter
    any idea where I can get four needle and seats plus float bowl gaskets for Mikuni BS35 carbs for my 83 XJ900 Seca?
  11. robbie900
    I am in Virginia
  12. hogfiddles
    hogfiddles robbie900
    Where in the USA?
  13. hogfiddles
    Kegan, your fusebox is right on top of your airbox cover
    1. Kegan ryder
      Kegan ryder
      ik where the box is, i need to know how to replace it and where it leads to
      Mar 10, 2021
  14. onechance151
    onechance151 SnoSheriff
    Is there anyone able to help me find a petcock for a 1982 xj650 Seca. From Saskatchewan. Thanks
    1. Simmy
      I have one (or 2) you can have but it will require rebuilding. If you have one now which leaks just order the rebuild kit from XJ4ever.
      Mar 11, 2021
  15. nablats
    nablats RobbieRobot
    Hi Robbie - I live near whitby - are you still messing with xj`s? I am building a 81 xj650
    1. RobbieRobot
      Hi nablats, Bloody hell, so sorry about the late reply. I've only just seen your message. To be honest I have trouble navigating this 'new' forum layout as I posted all of my stuff on the old system pre-2013 I think. I didn't even know my message box was full and couldn't receive any new messages....
      Sep 5, 2021
    2. RobbieRobot
      Anyway, I live near Yarm and my XJ Cafe Racer has been garaged for about three years now at my daughter's in Stockton along with my XS650. I stripped the paint from the tank last winter due to blistering caused by what I think might be perforation. Last week I took the tank to a local specialist welder and he's still got it. I'll be phoning him tomorrow to see how he's getting on. How's your build going?
      Sep 5, 2021
  16. Carlie L Gebert
    Carlie L Gebert bigfitz52
    9 digit vin on an old yamaha250cc trail bike is 450-007858 please can someone give me any more info on what this bike is?
    It also says 1000cc oil and made in japan on it if that helps
  17. hogfiddles
    Ryan, consider looking for a 750 Maxim tank......it’s a bolt-on drop-in upgrade
  18. HHB
    HHB hogfiddles
    Hello, I was told by toomanybikes to check with you to see if you had a left hand, front turn signal lens for an '82 Yamaha Seca 650 Turbo. I'm new to the forum and don't know if I'm going about this in the right way, so excuse me if I am. Thank you very much and a very good 2021 to you and yours!---HHB
    1. XJ550H
      lens is still available from dealership and online parts suppliers of oem products LENS, FLASHER
      5G2-83312-00-00 10$
      Dec 27, 2020
  19. craig187
    craig187 SnoSheriff
    Starter Motor does spin counter clock wise
  20. craig187
    craig187 CaptainMidnight85
    Hi, Changed the brushes on my starter motor ,I bench tested it and the rotation is clockwise is that correct ?
    XJ 750