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  1. Robert24b
    Robert24b bigfitz52
    I saw your writeup on the gauge swap. 2 questions how are the gauge bezels removed and ultimately the lens? P/O said they replaced the gaskets, looks like they pried the bezel all the way around. Is this the correct/only way to access the insides?
    Also, how is the silk screening on your indicator lights so nice? Most of my lettering is rubbed off. Is there a way to redo it?
    FWIW, I have an 82' xj650 seca.
  2. Juniorglide
    Juniorglide hogfiddles
    Hi. I would like to send you my 1982 clean but never 'rack-broken' Seca 750 carb for a complete overhaul. I would then drive to your place to pick it up. Please let me know if it's possible.
    Thank you.
  3. vmax man
    vmax man SQLGuy
    Hi SQL Looking for the ignition fuse on my 1986 XJ Maxim X All I can find is major fuse right off of Battery. I'm losing 2 volts from battery to either coil.
    1. hogfiddles
      Main fuse is by the battery, the rest are under the front cover of your gauges lights cover
      Feb 15, 2023
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  4. Motown
    Motown MiCarl
    Hi Carl - new to the forum and looking for some help with a 82 XJ750 Seca. Do you still work on older bikes? If so let me know please. I'm over my head with bringing this bike back to life.
    Or if you have a recommendation of a shop I can take it to. I live in the Metro Detroit area. I really appreciate any guidance you can give. Thank you Motown
  5. ColoradoDan
    Just off a 900 mile ride through western CO, including the Unaweep-Tabeguache Scenic Byway, last week
  6. ColoradoDan
  7. Patrick Russell
    Patrick Russell admin
    OK, maybe I am missing something, but I am not seeing how to post new content to the forum. I am able to post to existing threads, but not start a new thread.
    A little help would be apprieciated.


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    2. Szarnyas Fejvadasz
      Szarnyas Fejvadasz
      I think unfortunately only premium members can post new contents on the forum.
      Jul 21, 2022
  8. andrewc
    Still here. Still alive. Benn a while since I have been on here but I will always have my old XJ bikes!!!
  9. maxim xjj
    maxim xjj hogfiddles
    hogfiddles, good day to ya You were reccommenmed by another member about my 82 xj750j, My carbs are way past ready for a rebuild. Would you be willing to revuild my carbs & bench sync if I sent them to you closer to winter. I am riding the bike now runs good but has popping on left exhaust pipe
  10. glennyboy
    glennyboy hogfiddles
    thanks let me know when you get to it uksparky@aol.com
  11. Kent P
    Kent P hogfiddles
    Good morning. I was wondering if you or someone else had a right side cover for the 400 Seca that I could borrow for a pattern ? I have access to a 3d printer or am capable of making a fiberglass mold and building the part. I have ran in to many road blocks on this project. Is this something that you could help me with ? Thanks for your time.
  12. Adkride88
    Adkride88 750MaximSeattle
    Saw the listings. I'm interested in the 650 wiring harness, throttle, throttle cable. If the 750 handlebar controls & rectifier are compatible with the 650... I'd be good for those too. Depending on the additional shipping cost, the headers for the 650 too.
  13. Oandelin
    Oandelin hogfiddles
    @hogfiddles, I saw you had some pairs of side panels for 82 xj750 maxim a couple years back. You wouldn't happen to still have any? Did the cardinal sin, lost the right side panel.
  14. Dwmadsen
    Dwmadsen SnoSheriff
    My attempt to post a technical question was denied because it was “spam like”.
  15. bronco.blues
    bronco.blues hogfiddles
    hello im jason i just picked up a 83 xj900 figured i would let you know vin #jya35h...0837 let me know if it has been accounted for, thanks
  16. ThePadraig
    ThePadraig hogfiddles
    Hello Hogfiddles. It was recommended to contact you about the rebuilding of my 1983 XJ650 carbs. I have them completely stripped down. I am across the border in southwestern Ontario vaguely close to Buffalo. Patrick
  17. reinaldo
    Xj 750_1981
  18. Xjriderstevo
    Xjriderstevo SnoSheriff
    Hey, can you or do you know someone who can help me with finding carbs, thanks
    1. David Luttrell
      David Luttrell
      what is the problem w yours?
      Nov 8, 2021
  19. Xjriderstevo
    Xjriderstevo bigfitz52
    Just bought a 83 Yamaha 750 jya I’m thinking! I need help with how to find the right carbs! Sorry to bother I’m just lost on this!! Thanks!!
    1. Toomanybikes
      All the Air cooled xj650/750 used the same carbs except for jets
      I have a few sets available if you need
      Nov 26, 2021
  20. Bigshankhank
    Checking back in after a long hiatus. I put my 700 up on a table and now I need to get some carb parts from Len and get it back on the road.