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  1. 82Seca750moj0
  2. Mukhtar
    Mukhtar 750MaximSeattle
    Carbs worked great btw.
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  3. Mukhtar
    Mukhtar 750MaximSeattle
    Do you have any more Maxim 750 parts for sale? I need a right side mirror, master cylinder, and battery cover.
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      I do have a nice OEM RH mirror, but no battery cover nor MC.
      Jul 18, 2019 at 12:49 AM
  4. protomillenium
    Considering 550 Seca for AHRMA vintage racing. What about replacement pistons?
  5. Prosper50
    Prosper50 hogfiddles
    Hi Dave! We spoke last fall on the phone a few times. I'm the guy in Rome (10 miles from you) that got a nice shape 80' XJ in trade for a lawnmower. I'm happy to say my build is almost complete. I was going to send you a text with some pics, as you told me to let you know when it was done and you would go through the carbs and see if you had anything to update anything that might be needed. I hope all is well! -Dave
  6. ColoradoDan
    Hot summer days
  7. ColoradoDan
    Happy Fathers Day to the XJ dads
  8. Jonathon Kent
    Jonathon Kent hogfiddles
    Hi I was just wondering if you could help me with my Carburetor problem?
  9. moto_mitch
    moto_mitch bigfitz52
    Could you help me out with an `82 XJ750 Maxim speedo question. You're inbox is full so it won't let me PM you.
  10. Millzattc
    Millzattc bigfitz52
    Bigfitz52- wondering if you can help me with an issue on having with my Maxim 700? It has no torque, and while ridding in low gears it rattles and knocks from I'm guessing the transmission, clutch, shifter area. On Center stand in nuetral no noise is heard??
  11. MaximusXJ650
    MaximusXJ650 SnoSheriff
    Im having difficulty creating a thread. It keeps telling me it is spam. How can I post to the forum?
  12. Bandit
    60 years old in 2019 and still ride a XJ750 - XS650 and Triumph T140E
  13. ColoradoDan
    Snowed last night, and I have a brand new front tire to break in. C'mon mother nature, work with me!
  14. Rude_as_hell81
    82 xj750 maxim... will it ever be complete‍♂️
  15. david brown
    david brown hogfiddles
    send to hogfiddles Hi, I have a set of carbs for a 86 maxim xj700x. How much would you charge to clean and rebuild, how long would it take? thanks
  16. Jeffrey A Bork
    Jeffrey A Bork Cafe-XV750
    Hi !
    If you’re still making/offering this kit for sale, please contact me.
    I’d like to be a part of the next batch available.
  17. loudjosh81
    back in Michigan fixin busted bikes
  18. Edwin Portillo
    Edwin Portillo hogfiddles
    Live 5 mins from the city, have a xj 750 maxim 82, carb float got stuck, stripped a jet trying to rebuild it, kinda don't have the patience to finish, anyone near by can help me service my baby?
  19. Earnest J Jackson
    Earnest J Jackson bigfitz52
    Hey could you send me cable routing for xj750 maxim
  20. saftie
    Waiting impatiently for spring weather