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  1. RJ C
    RJ C hogfiddles
    Hey Dave, I’m looking for a shim swap if possible.

    Looking for 2-270, 2-285, 1-260

    I have 1-280, 2-290 & 2-275 to swap.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Voodz34
    Voodz34 SnoSheriff
    Also looking for a Seca tank
  3. Voodz34
    Voodz34 SnoSheriff
    I’m in Winnipeg
  4. Voodz34
    Voodz34 SnoSheriff
    Hi did you ever sell your clubman handlebars, will they fit maxim 550
  5. Bud
    Bud bigfitz52
    Guy I took an 82 xj completely perfect bike an changed the entire electric over to my 85 why am I not cranking off button and y am I not getting fire plz help
  6. husky
    Put pics up grrrr still got her
  7. Fer93
    Fer93 bigfitz52
    Need help with the wiring of my CDI for yamaha XJ750, please!!! 4 pins notch has the signs P+. P-. OUT. IN. 6 pins side says EB. G. IG-2. IG-1. And two blank pins, what does all that means??? The wiring system of my bike was cutted off, so I can not identify the wiring
  8. Barbara King
    Barbara King bigfitz52
    I have been trying to decode the 9 digit VIN for a Yamaha motorcycle for weeks, I GIVE, can you please decode the following 3G0-001483. I can get it down to 2 positions but give up on trying to do it myself. HELP
    1. FJ111200
      New to this, but that VIN is for a XS650. Does that help?
      Aug 24, 2019
    2. Barbara King
      Barbara King
      I've gotten so far. 1980 Yamaha XS650G, Model XS-G (xs650G) Year 79-80, Model Code 3G0, Engine number 3G0-001453. I have decoded and JYA4BB007G0A00143, but this is not correct. The 9th digit is (check digit) - 10th digit is model year. I really need to find an entire decoder for 9 digit VIN to 17 digit VIN. THANK FOR ANY HELP SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME.
      Aug 25, 2019
  9. Austin Christopher
    Austin Christopher xHondaHack
    I cannot for the life of me remember how to DM someone but I am interested in those shocks. If you DM me i will respond haha. sorry for the trouble
  10. Renzo
    Renzo hogfiddles
    Hi dave i heard you’re the shim pool for the xj by anychance you would have 245,250 and 260(x2)?? If so please get back to me asap thanks!
  11. marvin wegner
    marvin wegner SnoSheriff
    You have quite the selection of parts on this forum. Do you know where I can find a tdi 10m-10 for my bike?
    Marvin 613 639 4829
  12. Jonathan o Gregg
    Jonathan o Gregg 750MaximSeattle
    I need an ignition switch with key for my 82 1100maxim ,do you think yours would work
  13. gang3
    NEW BIKE THIS TIME AUG.2019 JUST Picked up a 81 XJ 650 Non runner
  14. Bix
    Bix SnoSheriff
    hey snosheriff, i talked to k-moe about changing my username as i made the mistake of putting my real name where the username should have gone. He said id have to talk to you as he didnt have the abilities to do so as a fellow admin.

    1. Muro
      Aug 14, 2019
  15. Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo KatherineJaneIII
    Hi Katherine, I´ve tried to send you a pm but it wouldn't let me. I saw you made a post about valves adjustment to could start your bike in cold weather.
    I have the same problem with my Maxim x, the bike do not start when it's cold outside. did you solve your problem adjusting valves? or how did you solve it?
  16. 82Seca750moj0
  17. Mukhtar
    Mukhtar 750MaximSeattle
    Carbs worked great btw.
    1. 750MaximSeattle likes this.
  18. Mukhtar
    Mukhtar 750MaximSeattle
    Do you have any more Maxim 750 parts for sale? I need a right side mirror, master cylinder, and battery cover.
    1. 750MaximSeattle
      I do have a nice OEM RH mirror, but no battery cover nor MC.
      Jul 18, 2019
      Mukhtar likes this.
    2. Mukhtar
      A rectangular one? How much for the mirror?
      Jul 28, 2019
    3. 750MaximSeattle
      Yes, its the rectangular black plastic OEM, in good condition - $25. I can send photos, perhaps via email. What's your email address?
      Jul 29, 2019
  19. protomillenium
    Considering 550 Seca for AHRMA vintage racing. What about replacement pistons?
  20. Prosper50
    Prosper50 hogfiddles
    Hi Dave! We spoke last fall on the phone a few times. I'm the guy in Rome (10 miles from you) that got a nice shape 80' XJ in trade for a lawnmower. I'm happy to say my build is almost complete. I was going to send you a text with some pics, as you told me to let you know when it was done and you would go through the carbs and see if you had anything to update anything that might be needed. I hope all is well! -Dave