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Oct 25, 2020
Jun 26, 2008
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Rural SE Michigan 60 miles N of Motown
IT Support Manager

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RacerTV-- amateurs going by the views expressed by the motorcycle magazines back in the day rather than experience with the subject. Nov 21, 2014

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Oct 25, 2020
    1. Robert24b
      Hello, I'm looking for a write up on how to add mileage to my replacement xj650 seca speedo.
      New speedo is ~7k so I need to ADD mileage to reflect the actual ~13k mileage.
      Would you be willing to email me a procedure?
      Does it explain how to get the bezel off? Looks like someone tried to pry the one off my old unit.

    2. Robert24b
      I saw your writeup on the gauge swap. 2 questions how are the gauge bezels removed and ultimately the lens? P/O said they replaced the gaskets, looks like they pried the bezel all the way around. Is this the correct/only way to access the insides?
      Also, how is the silk screening on your indicator lights so nice? Most of my lettering is rubbed off. Is there a way to redo it?
      FWIW, I have an 82' xj650 seca.
    3. Xjriderstevo
      Just bought a 83 Yamaha 750 jya I’m thinking! I need help with how to find the right carbs! Sorry to bother I’m just lost on this!! Thanks!!
      1. Toomanybikes
        All the Air cooled xj650/750 used the same carbs except for jets
        I have a few sets available if you need
        Nov 26, 2021
    4. robvoisea
      Biggie-sorry to bug you - I have a 1981 X550 Seca -replaced shims according to factory specs and at 6000 rpm there is a clacking sound (sorry, can't describe any better), what am I missing? I really like this bike but this frustrates the living daylights out if me.
      Thank you for any guidance.
    5. Carlie L Gebert
      Carlie L Gebert
      9 digit vin on an old yamaha250cc trail bike is 450-007858 please can someone give me any more info on what this bike is?
      It also says 1000cc oil and made in japan on it if that helps
    6. RickCoMatic
      Dear Mr. bigfitz52: Please let the 750 Maxim owners know Mr. Massey has a large crate: Fenders, FootPeg Mounts, Tail Light section & Headlamp Bucket and some orig inal Midnight Badges.... Painted BMW TechnoViolet Metalflake ... for: 19 83 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim -- $85 USD+freight (Or B.O.+freight fm 01821) richardemassey@gmail.com
    7. Alexander DeCamp
      Alexander DeCamp
      Howdy! Wanted to see if you could help. I just replaced the clutch plates on my 1982 xj650 and adjusted the clutch to where it should fully disengage but it seems to be slipping. I even loosened the clutch adjustment so there was a bit of slack and it was even lurching forward with the clutch in so I know it wasn't the adjustment of the cable or arm. Still slipping and not sure what to do. If you can help thank!!!
    8. Nooten232
      Hey there, need some serious help!! My #3 float bowl starter jet is completely..and I mean completely clogged!! Soaked for 2 weeks and still clogged! What can I do?? Please help me, and thanks in advance for your time.
    9. mleatherwood
      1983 XJ 550K: I have two of them and one runs perfectly; the other one did until early last summer. It has no spark. All electrical connections cleaned and greased. All components per repair manual I have are satisfactory except starter circuit cut-off relay but does click when the ignition is turned on. All continuity tests ran are satisfactory. Suggestion on possible problem and best manual?
    10. Fer93
      Hey buddy! I'm having a Hard time with the oil seal behind the pick up coils at the left side of the engine of my XJ750... I replaced it about 4 times, but still leaking, should I have to disassemble the engine to replace that seal? It is the one behind the magnetic pick up coils, the oil seal is the 32-45-6.5 2h7, the engine its fine, no cracks in it... Help!
    11. Nooten232
      Hey man, wasn't sure who to reach out to but found you at the top of the list. By chance do you know where I can find an air intake jet..I acquired an 81 xj650 and one of the air intake jets is missing on carb #1 any advice or links would be much appreciated..believe it is a #36. Thanks in advance!
    12. DennisMaxim
      Big fits this is what my post was supposed to have been I slid my yics tool down the yics passage in the cylinder head and then it dawned on me that I had to clean it out the passageway now my question is having slid that yics tube down the passage prior to cleaning it out will that clog my start circuit in the cylinder head
    13. DennisMaxim
      Big fits I need your help I sleep my ex tube down my ex chamber and I forgot I had to clean it out right now my question is this with me sliding that tube down that chamber prior to cleaning it out will that called my start circuit passages
    14. Bud
      Guy I took an 82 xj completely perfect bike an changed the entire electric over to my 85 why am I not cranking off button and y am I not getting fire plz help
    15. Fer93
      Need help with the wiring of my CDI for yamaha XJ750, please!!! 4 pins notch has the signs P+. P-. OUT. IN. 6 pins side says EB. G. IG-2. IG-1. And two blank pins, what does all that means??? The wiring system of my bike was cutted off, so I can not identify the wiring
    16. Barbara King
      Barbara King
      I have been trying to decode the 9 digit VIN for a Yamaha motorcycle for weeks, I GIVE, can you please decode the following 3G0-001483. I can get it down to 2 positions but give up on trying to do it myself. HELP
      1. FJ111200
        New to this, but that VIN is for a XS650. Does that help?
        Aug 24, 2019
      2. Barbara King
        Barbara King
        I've gotten so far. 1980 Yamaha XS650G, Model XS-G (xs650G) Year 79-80, Model Code 3G0, Engine number 3G0-001453. I have decoded and JYA4BB007G0A00143, but this is not correct. The 9th digit is (check digit) - 10th digit is model year. I really need to find an entire decoder for 9 digit VIN to 17 digit VIN. THANK FOR ANY HELP SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME.
        Aug 25, 2019
    17. moto_mitch
      Could you help me out with an `82 XJ750 Maxim speedo question. You're inbox is full so it won't let me PM you.
    18. Millzattc
      Bigfitz52- wondering if you can help me with an issue on having with my Maxim 700? It has no torque, and while ridding in low gears it rattles and knocks from I'm guessing the transmission, clutch, shifter area. On Center stand in nuetral no noise is heard??
    19. Earnest J Jackson
      Earnest J Jackson
      Hey could you send me cable routing for xj750 maxim
    20. GTO
      Hey I have a 82 xj750 It won’t start not ever with starter fluid it has spark but won’t fire if you could tell me what to look for that would be great thanks
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