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Dec 3, 2021 at 9:59 PM
Apr 6, 2007
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near utica, new york
1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.

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XJ-Wizard, Host-Central NY Carb Clinic, from near utica, new york

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Kegan, your fusebox is right on top of your airbox cover Mar 9, 2021

hogfiddles was last seen:
Dec 3, 2021 at 9:59 PM
    1. Britmotohead
      I have 2 XJ900RK bikes. One restored and another in process. Do you want their numbers for your database?
      I restored the first one in 2007 and sold it after finally getting the prime circuit cleared out. I just bought it back and I am having a little trouble getting the carbs to idle down properly. They are really close, just not quite right...
    2. fiduccian
      Hi hogfiddles, I was told you are very good at rebuilding carbs. Can you inbox me? I have an xj700x I am having an issue with getting them to work properly.
    3. hogfiddles
      Kegan, your fusebox is right on top of your airbox cover
      1. Kegan ryder
        Kegan ryder
        ik where the box is, i need to know how to replace it and where it leads to
        Mar 10, 2021
    4. hogfiddles
      Ryan, consider looking for a 750 Maxim tank......it’s a bolt-on drop-in upgrade
    5. HHB
      Hello, I was told by toomanybikes to check with you to see if you had a left hand, front turn signal lens for an '82 Yamaha Seca 650 Turbo. I'm new to the forum and don't know if I'm going about this in the right way, so excuse me if I am. Thank you very much and a very good 2021 to you and yours!---HHB
      1. XJ550H
        lens is still available from dealership and online parts suppliers of oem products LENS, FLASHER
        5G2-83312-00-00 10$
        Dec 27, 2020
    6. hogfiddles
      Rick, just make a post in the for sale section
    7. hogfiddles
    8. JCH
      Hello Dave,I still haven't started my bike yet to see how the last tear down on the carbs went yet but I'm close.
      I was wondering if you have had any issues with your Starter Chain Guides with your XJ 700s
    9. hogfiddles
      I still have mine
      1. kerriskandiesinc likes this.
      2. kerriskandiesinc
        Hey mate, could you possibly add my XJ9 to the database....'Hangout' thread ( couldn't start a convo....can't seem to 'delete' any of my conversations, lol !!)
        Sep 27, 2020
    10. JCH
      Dave,I finally got the Carbs back on the bike and it is running much better now,i found one float that was intermittently leaking so i replaced all four needles and seats and wet sync the float levels more times then i can count.
      Thank you for your help.
      1. hogfiddles likes this.
    11. hogfiddles
      Rich! Nice to see you here! Also, check your inbox
    12. JCH
      Okay...thank you for you input Dave. It will be a couple of months before i get the bike back together.
    13. hogfiddles
      Could be... and sediment indicates either bad filter, dirty or rusty tank—- which means if it’s in the bowls, it’s in the carbs too
    14. JCH
      So i took apart the carbs and the only thin that stuck out so far after a primarily inspection is during draining of the float bowls i noticed that one carb had about 2.5 oz of fuel and the others had 1-1.5 oz and noticed some black stuff in the bottom of the bowls not a whole lot.Do you think the uneven balance in the bowls would be a factor for my issue ?
    15. hogfiddles
      Well you have to figure out if you’re bogging due to drowning, or starving
    16. JCH
      Would they cause my symptoms of bogging off idle ?
    17. hogfiddles
      I can usually see it ..... the arent smooth anymore— they start to get a ‘velvety’ look, and then a ‘sandpapery’ look, then onto ‘bad’
    18. JCH
      Dave,if the carb jets are etched ? you can't see that can you ? how can you tell ? doesn't that just make the mixture more rich ?
    19. hogfiddles
      So you have: 1. At least one float sticking open 2. A leaky petcock, unless you left it on PRI
    20. JCH
      The float bowls overfilled one time when left on prime after a couple of weeks too.
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    near utica, new york
    1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.
    #1 hobby - collecting rocks and minerals #2 hobby - a whole bunch of other hobbies


    XJ900RK, XJ700, a couple dozen more XJ's, 2 Hondas, 2 Suzukis, 2 xs400 Secas....and counting
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