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For Sale 82 xs400 maxim parts, xj1100 parts -andreas

Discussion in 'For Sale, Trade/Swap, Wanted' started by andreashweiss, Dec 3, 2018.

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    near oroville,wa
    for the 82 xs400 maxim I have : single piece chrome crash bar, tci, solenoid, relays, regulator, upper engine mounts, stock exhaust, air box, new air filter, after market pod system, carbs, complete functional engine, clutch cable, right controls, carb intake boots, speedo drive gear, shifter, willing to ship the smaller stuff, send pm for what you need. For the xj1100: starter, speedo drive gear, front axle, clutch assembly, universal and drive shaft, rear axle, final drive, rear wheel spline, middle drive unit, transmission, swing arm chrome caps/bolts, swing arm, rear brake switch, send pm if you want something, parts are $5 and up,

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