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How did you get here?

Discussion in 'Hangout Lounge' started by SnoSheriff, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. maxgrok

    maxgrok New Member

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    Baltimore, MD
    I found the site through Reddit r/fixxit group and through googling “xj650 maxim forum” because I’m looking for help on my xj650 maxim. It was starting yesterday, but now won’t start at all. Where should I post to get help for it? Can provide more details.
  2. XJ550H

    XJ550H Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Great North Woods
    start a thread in the tech forum in title list your bike initial issues. in the opening post tell us what bike what you have done to it or if it is a new to you bike. my first guess to your issue would be low battery put a meter on battery 12.8 volts is what you are looking for. press starter button motor spins what does voltage drop to? under 10 volts it will spin but not start. got a charger charge the battery no more than a 2 amp charger..
    if lead acid battery look at acid level if low replace missing fluid with distilled water.

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