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Len, Chacal, XJ4ever

Discussion in 'Reviews - Service, Online, Retail Shop' started by Cattleman XJ, Apr 29, 2019.

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    whatever name you know him by, he is The Man.

    Tons of items in stock, even rare and hard to find stuff; super fast shipping and order turnaround; the best packaging I’ve ever seen; and super knowledgeable.

    Honestly, who knows how many of these machines he is keeping on the road just by having access to these parts.

    I’ve done tens of thousands of dollars worth of online shopping over the years and even managed an e-commerce store for a few companies. While his methods might seem a bit antiquated by today’s standards, the guy gets back to you quickly with what you need.

    3 orders placed so far within 2 weeks. It’s no joke that he works faster than most of us can keep up working on our bikes!

    Thanks, Len!
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