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Massachusetts Carb Clinic + Tune & Tweak Weekend - RSVP's

Discussion in 'Eastern US and Canada' started by RickCoMatic, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Massachusetts, Billerica
    RickCoMatic's Eastern Mass Carb Clinic + Tune and Tweak Weekend is just days away. RSVP Time!

    This might be the ideal opportunity for New England area XJ-Owners to learn carbs and get "Tweaked"

    For those of you who are definitly attending the event - RSVP - ... you need to send me a PM .... or email me at: XJ900Owner@aol.com so I can get a preliminary head count.

    "Sleeping Baggers" are welcome to camp indoors, either in a vacant bedroom with hardwood floor ... or, in the vacant family room under renovation. If you want to be closer to Nature ... I can supply a vary nice 4-person tent.

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