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Modify Air Box?

Discussion in 'XJ Technical Chat' started by FreddyDynomite, May 23, 2020.

  1. FreddyDynomite

    FreddyDynomite New Member

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    Nova Scotia
    Hello all, I am building a cafe racer style Maxim 650 and of course wanted to use pod filters, but after reading so much negative about them here, I am considering other options. I want the area under the seat clear, so what if I cut the filter area out of the air box, enlarge the hold a bit and put in a flat car style filter? Basically retain the air box characteristics but get rid of the part that protrudes under the seat.

    The other option would be to make a custom air box like the ones at Steel Dragon Performance (http://www.steeldragonperformance.com/air_boxes_7.html) From what I have read, the major problem with pods is the turbulent air and that the carbs don't share from the same pocket of air, could this be a better solution than pods?
  2. SQLGuy

    SQLGuy Well-Known Member

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    Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
    I think you should watch the video that's in the sticky post about pods.
  3. XJ550H

    XJ550H Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Great North Woods
    sounds better than no airbox.
    the airbox to carb boots act as a velocity stack .
    you would be looking for the same amount of paper serface area in the flat filter so not to big of a filter. if you could enclose the filter you would want the same size opening as the airbox has to feed filter

    there are a set of filters sold by the pod people thata cover 2 carbs each would be similar to your link
  4. Minimutly

    Minimutly Active Member

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    West Wales, uk
    I put a set of Mikunis fron an xj600 (fj600 in the states?) straight onto my xj650. Runs like a dream, no stumbles, no rejecting. I'm not saying it's perfect, I haven't done any wideband lambda checks or plug cuts yet, but it rides beautifully.
    The problem is they are slightly bigger, and while they do fit, they stretch the manifolds slightly. I machined mine down to match the Hitachis.
    If you really want pods, I wouldn't recommend the cheap chinese ones, go to K&Ns at least, and tidy up the inside of the flange face with a sharp knife.

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