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new HD Sportster

Discussion in 'Hangout Lounge' started by Simmy, Jul 14, 2021.

  1. Mechanic1978

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    You'd think a fuel injector would have a metal or aluminum mount base, but no its plastic as well and is in direct mounting position above the hottest part of the engine... the cylinder head. but use metal mounting plates to secure.. lmao!!

    I dont know how many of those I have replaced over the years, and they are still using plastic for those purposes..
    the techs in our shop say cars were built to last a lifetime back in the day, now the build them to last till you can get it to the dealer service center...
  2. Timbox

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    Wisconsin, Tomah
    Thanks for sharing folks...lots of good stories there.

    The Honda St1100 alternator I think you have to brake the bike in half to remove it. Upgrade to the 40 amp and problem solved. St1300 have the 40 amp from factory.

    Suzuki Madura 1200 slave clutch, attached to the transmission drive knuckle that has to be removed.

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