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For Sale Windscreen national cycle

Discussion in 'For Sale, Trade/Swap, Wanted' started by xtmag, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. xtmag

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    Rochester, MA
    A826BE62-58E7-4917-ACA0-1EBF0F0F8F32.jpeg F1E820CC-7DDB-435A-B8D8-2C2F3DEEA5EF.jpeg windshield for sale from my xj650 1981.
    I upgraded to a larger one for long distance.

    It’s a national cycle one and in the corner it says AS6 M25. Check it out on the pic.
    Looks dirty because the PO spray painted it black. I removed the spray paint, but it could use a good clean or buff.

    Asking $40 shipped CONUS

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