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XJ 650 maxim with 750 front end for sale

Discussion in 'Other' started by Bullvine, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Bullvine

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    Norfolk Uk
    Hi to all

    After my last post I have completely rebuilt the carbs and forks and the bike runs like it should. I am however selling the bike with lots of spares including front and rear wheels with tyres. spares include Forks, original exhaust, IMAG0221.jpg IMAG0222.jpg IMAG0222.jpg IMAG0223.jpg IMAG0224.jpg IMAG0225.jpg drive shaft with swing arm, coils and many other parts, too many to list.
    The petrol tank will not come with the bike as some one thought they deserved it more than me, so this is all it needs other than a battery. I can get one from the states when I go over there if required.
    The bike is ready to go and I will MOT it if needed however I will negotiate a price if not MOT.
    Just to reiterate what I have had done to the bike.
    Front callipers powder coated with new pistons and seals.
    front forks stripped with new seals and oil.
    New piston and seals in the master cylinder.
    Completely stripped carbs with all new parts and cleaned with powder coated tops.
    New brake lines on the front.

    Bad bits.
    New battery required
    Petrol Tank required

    To be honest I don't know what it is worth, however I'm open to offers to come and pick all of the parts with the bike. I have put some pictures on here, I will gladly put more on if requested.



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