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Posting Rules

Here is a list of rules to follow when posting in the forums:

1. Search the forum before posting. It's quite possible that the topic was already discussed and we want to avoid duplicate topics. If you find existing appropriate topic then just reply to it. This will avoid duplicate posts and it will keep the forums clean.
2. When starting a new thread, give it a Meaningful Title. The title should summarize the content of the post. Don't title your post 'Help'. You should say something like: 'Help; I'm having carb issues', 'Help; bike won't start', 'Help: bike won't idle'...
3. Please try to post in the correct forums.
4. Do not type using UPPER CASE letters when posting. This is considered as shouting or yelling.
5. No trolling, flaming, baiting or personal attacks. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.
6. If conflicts arise, please take them off line.
7. No spamming
8. No illegal activities allowed.
9. No child porn and nude pictures of minors! Your post will be forwarded to local authorities!
10. Users can upload whatever pictures they want in their Showcase Gallery as long as it doesn't break these listed rules. So, you can upload bikes, cars, parties, road trips etc...
11. When posting or linking to pictures in the forums, try to keep the pictures 500x500 resolution or smaller. Wider pictures alter the thread margins and it becomes hard to read the post as users have to scroll left and right.
12. When posting pictures make the file size under 100K. Make your pictures web friendly. We need to be considerate to our viewers with dial-up internet connection.
13. No links to warez or other hacker sites. This is a motorcycle enthusiast forum.
14. Feel free to "Contact Us" if you would like to advertise on this site.
15. Share your knowledge and Have Fun.

If you have site suggestions or ideas how we can improve this site post it our Suggestion Box forum.