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1982 Turbo Seca

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  • Year:
    XJ650LJ Turbo Seca
    Engine Size:
    Modifications & Accessories:
    RaceTech Fork Springs and Cartridge Emulators
    Stainless Steel Brake lines
    Progressive 430 Rear Shocks
    Manual Boost Controller Dialed to 10psi
    Custom gauges/dash with volt meter, fuel pressure sensor, boost gauge and clock)
    Krauser Bags
    Pirelli Sport Demon Tires
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  1. OneNationUnderGroove
    so 80's so sweet. *thumbs up*
  2. JeffK
    Hmmmm, those gauges sure look familiar! Is this BG?? They look like the same guages on a friends bike....very, very nice! They absolutely look like factory gauges!

    Very nice bike!

    1. ManBot13
      Yes, yes it is...and I probably won't have gotten it on the road without your help rebuilding the turbo! I was always a little worried rebuilding it myself, but it's been over 6000 miles and it's going strong.
      shhh...don't tell anyone where you saw it
      ManBot13, Jun 1, 2017
    2. JeffK
      LOL....it's the final product that matters and your bike looks spectacular!!

      Take care brother!

      JeffK, Jun 6, 2017
  3. CactusJack578
    Had you had any previous experience with turbo's before you found this bike? Why this bike and what kind of shape was it in when you picked it up?
    1. ManBot13
      Nope, it rolled, but had two whole parts boxes that contained the rest of the parts and hadn't run in 20 years. Mostly complete, for the low low price of $250! <---that's why

      But I digress...it took me 3 years just to start on the project, 1 to get it back on the road, and 4 before I painted it to the shape it's in today.

      Just another project :D
      ManBot13, Apr 22, 2017
  4. KristoF
    cool bike!
  5. CactusJack578
    Your bike looks great, Manbot. I admire people who can take a bike that's been sitting for a long time and work on it to the point that it becomes something as nice as your turbo. Great job.
  6. Zachary Albright
    This look's like something straight from the 80's. And that's such a good thing.
    1. ManBot13
      Thanks Zachary! I always like to describe it as 80's futuristic!
      ManBot13, Aug 26, 2016
  7. Ribo
    very cool