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1983 Xj750 Seca

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    XJ750 Seca
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    Sport fairing, saddlebags, trunk
    I've been helping XJ-Bikes member, Steve R, restore his bike. We just finished adding a complete luggage set. Everything has been cleaned, stripped, smoothed, repainted, and clearcoated. Now presenting---1983 XJ750 Seca, by Steve R! This bike went from "this bike is SOOO FRUSTRATING--I think I might give up on it"....to...." I LOVE my bike, it gets lot of attention, and I can't wait to ride it every chance I get!"
  1. Steve R
    Sad day for me, for health reasons I have to sell her. I want to thank everybody that helped me. Especially Mr Fox, my long distance motorcycle friend.
    Listed on Facebook marketplace
  2. ItalianLouis
    Hallo. Your bike is very good. I want an information. You know the name of code paint silver gray of Yamaha xj Seca like your bike. I want repaint but I don't say the code number of paint. Thanks.
    1. Steve R
      I don't know why but motorcycles never put down paint codes. I used metal flake silver the GM 1995. And it matched almost perfectly.
      Steve R, Feb 17, 2022
  3. Steve R
  4. mirco
    hi Dave - nice job! How are my forks coming. I could really use them. Joe
  5. Sheyne
    New to the forum, I just found the bags and trunk for my ‘ 82 xjr 750. The mounting brackets for the bags are missing. Would anyone have specs on these so I can fab some! Thank You in advance.
  6. wgul
    Great job guys; looks real sharp !
  7. twinky
    there's a set of plastics with saddlebags for sale here locally. i've considered making an offer.
    1. Steve R
      Did you get the bags?
      Steve R, Feb 2, 2019
  8. metricman820
    Love the front fairing and luggage set. Were did you get the luggage set from I just post some pics of mine completed with a Vetter Quick silver fairing and think the luggage set would compliment it?
    1. Steve R
      A friend of mine found the parts and pieces on eBay. Took a few months to get all the parts and pieces together. They were gouged and destroyed and were red. Took months to repair them.
      Steve R, Apr 5, 2017
    2. Steve R
      Metric man you have a nice looking bike.
      Steve R, Apr 5, 2017
  9. dowski68
    Well if a police officer came around I would like to hear how you explained this one. LOL
  10. hogfiddles
    I'll put a couple more pics up in a few days