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Restored 1980 Xj650 (4k0)

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    Restored to stock, except for exhaust mufflers.
    Restored from two old and wrecked bikes. Really enjoyed doing it.
  1. David Gaunt
    Hi, I am looking at selling my xj650, absolutely no idea of pricing. Any advice?
  2. Ty Snaden
    Looks like my 1982 Seca. Is the engine YICS?
  3. Artur1968
    My name is Artur and I am from Sweden. I have a 1981 yamaha xj650 4K0.Your bike is fantastic. This color is beautiful. What is the paint code?
    Kind regards
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    1. David Gaunt
      Hi Artur, I can’t remember off hand but will find it out for you. As I recall it was the original code from Yamaha.
      David Gaunt, May 26, 2022
  4. Artur1968
    Great job
    Fantastic motorcycle
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  5. Gord Vail
    Beautiful job on the Bike, I am restoring my silver one. If I had the money. I’d love to have the matching Red.
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  6. Gord Vail
    Heh Dan
    Where did you pick up your exhaust pipes,,,, they look mint
    1. David Gaunt
      They are marvins, readily available in most places.
      David Gaunt, Aug 3, 2021
  7. Matthew Ryan
    I have a 1980 XJ650. It doesn't look anything like that bike, style-wise. Sloped gas tank and Maxim side cover. Were there 2 models? Maxim. And Seca?
    1. David Gaunt
      Hi yes the maxim was more popular in the USA.
      David Gaunt, Mar 9, 2021
  8. chips
    Hello Dave
    Is that the original cardinal red
    1. David Gaunt
      It’s not as I couldn’t find the paint code but it’s a very close match
      David Gaunt, Mar 9, 2021
  9. chips
    Hello Dave thats a lovely job
    are those Marvin silincers


    1. David Gaunt
      Yes they are
      David Gaunt, Mar 9, 2021
  10. Old_School_Rock
    Very nice! I'm doing a 1982 Seca 650. What did you do to clean up the wheels? Thanks.
    1. David Gaunt
      Hi, just elbow grease and some paint.
      David Gaunt, Jul 14, 2020