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Carburetor rebuild

Discussion in 'XJ Technical Chat' started by Isaac G, May 23, 2020.

  1. Isaac G

    Isaac G New Member

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    After finally getting my Xj700 running again, I am on to rebuilding and deep cleaning the carburetors, have a kit coming soon. However, I removed my air box and want to switch to pod filters. I am curious if there may be a proper jet size I should change to as well to fit with that and what other adjustments I need to do.. its on an 85 xj700 so I believe they are the Hitachi HSC-32 carbs?.. Also want to thank everyone for all your help. This is my first bike and I’m still learning how to manage it as I go
  2. XJ550H

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    Great North Woods
    put your airbox back in

    your current carb specs
    Hitachi Carb Series: HSC33 not 32

    XJ700 Models:

    Years & Models: 1985-6 XJ700 air-cooled models
    Carb Manufacturer: Hitachi
    Carb Series: HSC33
    1985 Carb Model ID: 1FG00 (N models) or 1JJ00 (NC models)
    1986 Carb Model ID: 1NH00 (S models) or 1NK00 (SC models)
    Main FUEL Jet Size: #107
    Pilot FUEL Jet Size: #36.5
    Main AIR Jet Size: #70
    Pilot AIR Jet Size: #210
    AIR COMPENSATOR Jet Size: not used
    Starter FUEL Jet Size: #36 (non-replaceable, in float bowl)
    Main jet NEEDLE ID: #Y-20
    Main needle JET Size: #3.2mm (the main needle JET is also known as the "power valve" or "emulsion tube").
    Fuel Level in float bowls: 1.0mm +/- 1mm (.039" +/- .039")
    Idle RPM's: 1,050 rpms

    Good information on Pods vs Airbox :Thanks sybe

    in this link a long read is info on rejetting
    The Information Overload Hour

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