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Second XJ New to me 1984 XJ1100 31000kms

Discussion in 'Hangout Lounge' started by Speedqueen, Aug 12, 2019.

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    East of Ottawa Ontario

    Been a non active member for a bit. I started out on an 82 XJ650 as a beginner bike 6 years ago. 3 years on it, the clutch was just too tight and gave me carpal tunnel in my left wrist no matter how much adjusting I tried. Then it started to give me issues with stalling. I still have it. Maybe turn it into a bobber. Picked up a 2001 VL800, riding it for the last 3 years. Big slow and sloppy. Came across an 84 XJ1100 for sale last week. The gentleman I bought it from did a complete rebuild, he did say he got lots of info from here. Possibly purchased parts from Chacal. She's a beauty. Was surprised when I saw it up close. Figured it was going to be a rough barn find. 31000 kilometers. Pick her up tomorrow. Stoked. Will post better pics soon.

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