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XJ650 Plastics, mirror, and airbox chrome covers

Discussion in 'For Sale, Trade/Swap, Wanted' started by mwhite74, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. mwhite74

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    St John's Newfoundland, Canada
    Just going through some stuff and found these parts from my 83 XJ650... These might help finish off a restore or, something, right?

    Right side mirror - 10 CAD
    Air-box chrome covers (good shape) - 25
    Intake manifolds (a couple cracks but usable) - 20
    Chain storage compartment, bar/key cover, under-seat tray - 20?

    Shipping is extra. I'm located in (far) eastern Canada. Open to offers here, thanks.

    No, the side covers are long gone :)

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