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You guys are the Freakin' best!

Discussion in 'Hangout Lounge' started by JJ Jones, Aug 12, 2023.

  1. JJ Jones

    JJ Jones New Member

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    Portland Oregon
    Hey I have a couple small problems but I just had to stop and say........ I'm pretty new on the form I've been on here maybe a couple of months . You guys are incredible ---- you're you're so thoughtful with your answers and you take so much time with people ----in the modern world at least my modern world that's just highly unusual it's like old school. Just a wonderful thing I'm glad I found this place thank you thank you thank you
  2. Dan Gardner

    Dan Gardner Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Minneapolis, MN
    You are right, @JJ Jones!!

    In an internet full of cesspools and people being really crappy, this group is an exception. The people are genuinely helpful and nice, and the focus is on the bikes, no bullcrap.

    I started out a few years ago asking stupid questions, and nobody ever said "that's stupid". Several XJs later, I am slightly more qualified to give advice to others, but it is still great to bring questions to this group.

    I have met a lot of new friends, both in person and virtually, traded, bought, and sold goodies, and have not had a bad experience.

    Welcome to the party!
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