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Nov 29, 2023 at 7:15 AM
Apr 6, 2007
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near utica, new york
1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.

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XJ-Wizard, Host-Central NY Carb Clinic, from near utica, new york

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Kegan, your fusebox is right on top of your airbox cover Mar 9, 2021

hogfiddles was last seen:
Nov 29, 2023 at 7:15 AM
    1. hogfiddles
    2. hogfiddles
      Go to the particular forum you want ( sale, tech,hangout, etc...) then click blue 'pot new thread' button sort of upper right
    3. hogfiddles
      Nate, pull it off an put another on... Or, paint a toothpick and glue it on
    4. Wagy
      hey Ho, any help on that float setting (hitachi ) off 85 xj air
    5. hogfiddles
      Mustang--nice score! Stick around anyway-- the xs11 and the xj11 share the same engine
    6. hogfiddles
      Fitz hasn't been on in a long time......
    7. Faster
      Do you know if chain gaurd off of 550 maxim with fit my 550 seca
    8. Rockaway
      hogfiddles any friends in queens the Rockaways you know who can give me a hand starting xj 650 . Not the starter or solinoid Frank
    9. hogfiddles
      Micro, private conversation sent--check your inbox
    10. mirco
      Hi Dave. I haven't been on the xj site for a while. I happened to look at one of my old posts and saw that you were trying to ask me about some old fairing lowers. If you are still interested I may still have them in a box. I can take a look if need be. Let me know. Joe
    11. hogfiddles
      Hi Rick, yes I do run a shim pool. When you know what sizes you need, get in touch with me via a conversation
    12. Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes
      I am new to the forum and new to xj's
      Just doing some research before tackling a valve clearance job. I saw in an old post that you have a shim exchange pool, if you are still doing this please let me know how it works. I have not checked mine yet so I don't know what sizes I will need but I plan on tearing into it this weekend due to a rainy forecast.
    13. hogfiddles
      Spike....more than likely, one of the exhaust heat-shields is loose. When you hear it,touch with your toe and see if it stops.
    14. hogfiddles
      1. Rick Grimes likes this.
    15. Dally
      Dally I have an 82' XJ750 Maxim it will run then die suddenly and when it is restarted it backfires. I t will restart but wants to go through the same process again. ( It is also very cold natured in the morning startup. ) I would like it to just be able to run at an even idle. Around 1150 to 1200 rpm. What should I check first?
    16. hogfiddles
      Mike....check your inbox
    17. mikew44
      hogfiddles hi I was directed to you on carb cleaning for my 1985 xj700 max hope you can help me out carb is off but looking for a good carb cleaning and carb set back to factory settings replace anything that needs replacing let me know if we can hook up or if you can direct me to place here in Portland Oregon thx
    18. hogfiddles
      Kevin, check your inbox.... We'll talk there......
    19. Kevin Beckner
      Kevin Beckner
      Can you give me a ball park price to have the carbs cleaned and rebuilt on my 82 xj 750? I was told I should come to you.
    20. hogfiddles
      bobt, check your inbox
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    near utica, new york
    1. Band Director 2. Banjos, etc.
    #1 hobby - collecting rocks and minerals #2 hobby - a whole bunch of other hobbies


    XJ900RK, XJ700, a couple dozen more XJ's, 2 Hondas, 2 Suzukis, 2 xs400 Secas....and counting
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