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Len provides great service and parts

Discussion in 'Reviews - Service, Online, Retail Shop' started by johno, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. johno

    johno Member

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    Just a quick follow up on my swapping out the Buckhorn style for Daytona style handlebars.

    I went to Len for brake line, clutch and throttle cables, gravity petcock and a bunch of other parts.

    Not only did he help me get exactly the right parts, he provided some excellent suggestions and advice for this swap out.

    Just about a month ago I went for a three day ride up the Northern California coast and had a blast. The one thing that kept coming up in my mind - glad Len knows his stuff and provides quality parts.

    Prior to my trip, I let a friend borrow the xj650 for a weekend ride. He is much more aggressive on the twisties than I am and he gave it a workout. When he returned it, he said it rode really well...he was impressed.

    My recommendation to fellow XJ members...get your parts from Len...peace of mind knowing you are getting quality parts at good prices.
  2. Nuch

    Nuch Well-Known Member

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    Suffolk County, NY
    I second that. I have been purchasing my XJ essentials from Len for several years now... Placed another order on Saturday... It's only Monday now and it's already in my hands. The right parts, expertly packaged and shipped super fast. Thank You again Len!

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